Maintenance Tips

Maintain Your Springs and Stay Silent!


We recommend White Lithium Grease to lubricate your springs at both ends every 6-12 months, or as required to keep your XenPod completely silent. Just spray a small amount of grease where the spring rides on the cleat, as in the photos. Do both the ring end and the mat end. Be careful to keep the grease off other parts.


Then gently roll the spring side to side to distribute grease. Finally check that all springs are properly seated on the inner cleats. Sometimes they can move and need readjusting. If so they can easily be “clicked” back into place with your fingers. It has never happened yet, but it is possible that a persistently problematic or noisy spring may need replacing. Please make contact for advise if this occurs. We guarantee all springs!


Check Your Springs


It is important to check that your XenPod springs are properly seated on the cleats as in the video here. Sometimes a spring can shift on the cleat. Usually this will cause a slight noise with use.


Always check your springs if you notice a noise of any kind, as the XenPod springs should be completely silent!