A Life’s Work in Every XenPod


Ian Pettitt’s breakthrough with the premium XenPod Harmonic Energiser represents 30 years of research, refinement and clinical work. His goals were conceived in 1985 and achieved in mid 1991. Ian became well know as Mr Lymphaciser over the years and he passionately devoted his later life focus to perfecting the where, when, why and how of lymphacising. He is now retired.


Ian believes that good health is being in a non-reactionary state – where cells are in a stress-less state. His product and program come to you with over a decade of proven success from his work delivering nearly 3,000 Programs, in 26 countries.


Only 30 Minutes A Day


When lymphacising the person’s body will activate their five elimination systems from within, resulting in increased energy for the user. Only 3 lots of 10 minutes a day OR 2 times 30 minutes a day for degenerate dis-ease, will bring very good results. Ian personally guarantees that every user will improve their posture, which will bring an improved attitude and a balanced outlook on all they do, say and think.


The Amazing XenPod


  • Designed around proven research and medical findings that ultilise the laws of energy, gravity and mass
  • The design activates bio-friendly clockwise spiralling vortex fields and utilises the laws of harmonics based on Sacred Geometry, to create a healthy resonance with-in harmonics
  • Factory tuned spring design, is aligned for Northern or Southern Hemispheres during assembly and this absolutely matters!
  • The electro-magnetic field magnifies the resonance of thought and voice energies, which feels extremely good to the user.
  • The energising benefits are always gained, even with just sitting or lying still on the energy field of the mat
  • Comes with a long lasting, high quality washable marine grade fabric cover, with quilted lining and shock cord and cranial adjuster cushion
  • Six short removable legs with washers, steel feet caps and covers, position XenPod at the safest height for Health Bouncing.
  • Real leather leg-facings give a high quality finish to your unit
  • The XenPod design activates a biochemical fire purification at the cellular level, while Health Bouncing
  • The Health Bounce improves digestion by creating enzymes for assimilation
  • The XenPod is safe and beneficial for children, the elderly, rest homes and rehabilitation centres

Energising While Lymphacising©


  • This powerful yet simple program comes with your XenPod
  • Everyone can make fast improvement, just by following the 9 basic steps
  • The program enhances and encompasses all eastern and western therapies and replaces ‘exercise’ by introducing Energising while Lymphacising
  • It activates the 14 primary acupuncture meridians and energises the organs
  • Restores respiratory system and activates the auto immune system, thus correcting many related problems
  • Improves posture and allows more available energy, to increase well-being and joint flexibility
  • Reduces swollen joints, primary and secondary lymphedema and helps to release Trapped Plasma Proteins at cellular level (TPP)
  • Levels hip heights in 12 seconds
  • Adjusts and activates the most important bone, the sacrum, and rebuilds the body’s most important muscle, the diaphragm
  • The natural correction of posture also releases emotional traumas
  • Improves taste, eyesight and hearing
  • Automatically cleans up your Central Nervous System and induces better sleep
  • Links the mind, body and spirit, which allows a clearer experience of intuition and knowing

Self Heal and Regenerate


This unique product and program will auto-diagnose and address each human’s energy needs with perfect priority through the central nervous system. This personal approach is a must, as we each have a unique and different life. Ian’s proven program activates the central nervous system to bring cellular regeneration, by increasing the energy level of each individual cell. Results will vary with each person, so the benefits listed above are not in order of priority.


The XenPod will activate the three fluid systems, create uptake of more oxygen for improved cleansing and enhanse cellular communication to support elimination. In this healthier environment, the normal holistic regeneration process will take place. The human body is very capable of self-healing and regenerating, when health laws are implemented and combined with balanced knowledge and wisdom.


Energising While Lymphacising©


What if your body could holistically experience all, or even part of the following goals of the RH48 Harmonic Body Energiser, coupled with the provable results of the Energising while Lymphacising Program?


When used in conjunction with Ian Pettitt’s unique program, this product has proven to reverse structural pains and dis-ease simply by bringing oxygen to the cells and removing the waste products of cellular functions via the lymphatics five elimination systems.


The program is simple and easy to learn. We provide video below and printed instructions and lessons on request. Little effort and time is required to step up to a new level of health and well-being.


When our life force becomes run down, low or depleted, we need a sure, safe and simple way of replenishing our vital life force’s energy. Many methods currently exist for this purpose e.g. Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, exercise and numerous western therapies. Howeve, due to ignorance, or lifestyle and environmental stresses, humans often succumb to illness and disease, which weakens our life force and places more stress on depleted energy levels.


Optimum health and energy can only be attained and maintained by ensuring that the body’s cells are kept healthy, with a balanced supply of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Organic Elements. Adopting a healthier life style requires combining many holistic approaches, to maintain good cellular health. A very self-empowering approach is to choose the XenPod as your trusted daily companion on this journey. It is the very best cellular health apparatus for daily use at home and can become a trusted and best friend.


While results will vary for ALL individuals, we have always found that diligently following the program will achieve dramatic results. One of the program techniques is Ian’s Step-Breathing. This simple and easy technique produces noticeable results on its own, but is amplified when used with the RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser.


An Holistic Approach to Health


The full XenPod program truly gives you a unique and an unfair advantage. No other lymahaciser will give you this to such a high degree. Energising While Lymphacising on a XenPod is a physical activity based on synchronised step-breathing, gentle movements within gravitational harmonics, with self-induced movements of body fluids and self-activation of meridian points.


Energising opens electrical paths, cleanses your cellular system, and stimulates cellular energies that will balance your mind, body and emotions. This will enhance your access to your unique state of being, so you can love your life and fully accept yourself and others on life’s journey.


The XenPod has the unique ability to facilitate these changes within your body and its energy systems. It has been specially designed to bring about stress-free movement of your body’s many unseen energies. It does this in such a way that wastes are effectively removed from your body by creating vital ATP to assist the cells in releasing trapped plasma proteins in the body tissues, which cause cellular oedema, hot-spots, pain, energy blocks and illness.


Energising activates the Lorentz force law of electro-magnetic current with a clockwise or anti-clockwise spiralling vortex of self-induced energy around the body. This energy field releases excess fluids (TPP – trapped plasma protein) which can surround cells and inhibit correct cellular communication and function. Energising relaxes the body because it releases the stressed cells that can cause muscle spasms. This release allows cellular wastes to be taken to the body’s five cleansing systems and will also allow bones to move towards their correct and natural posture.


Why have so many efforts for health enhancement, such as exercise, diet management and therapies produced such inconsistent results? It is because most programs focus only on specific areas, or an individual system of your body.


The body consists of 14 different systems and in order to return it to a healthy state, the approach needs to be holistic, addressing body, mind, and soul. Extreme fitness routines that induce adrenal syndrome stresses, can cause almost any problem in the body directly or indirectly and create imbalances within our 70-100 billion cellular communications. These affect the nervous system, the chakras and the acupuncture systems.


Health also needs to be self-directional, in order for a person to reclaim responsibility for their health. The XenPod is the machine which has been developed to optimise this. With this machine, you will activate the laws of your body’s self-regeneration process. It will empower your body to activate energy and fluid flows according to the dictates of your natural healing processes. Energising While Lymphacising© avoids the creation of excess stress in the 14 body systems and ensures that the central nervous system is not overloaded.


The XenPod is part of a holistic process by which positive results at cellular level are achieved. It has been specifically designed for maximising the benefit of the Earth’s magnetic fields. It also maximises the benefit of physical laws that work at the cellular level, which move the lymph system without stress. When you regenerate a healthy respiratory system, diaphragm, lungs, intercostals, and ribs, it gives your spine greater flexibility, thus allowing better movement of the sacrum. This induces efficiency in the central nervous system as it goes about creating order in the body. The human body is designed to heal and organise itself, which explains why and how healing is different for everyone.


Step Breath Breathing


WARNING: It is very important that you learn to do this breathing correctly or harm may result. Full instructions come with the XenPod.


With the ultimate goal of 20 in and 24 out breaths, Ian’s Step Breath program allows you to work towards synchronizing their Step Breaths to the Lymphacisers stress-less bounce. By activating and utilizing this technique within your own spiraling vortex energy, static electricity is reduced to safer levels and the induced vibrational energy will assist with your cellular self-transformation.


Ian has revolutionized and established methods that will safely increase and balance the oxygen levels of body cells. Oxygen is the vital life-force needed to synergistically activate the cell’s Sodium Potassium pumps. This approach avoids most of the innate stresses involved in doing the exercise, and avoids reactions like tiring or hyperventilation. When the cell’s blood oxygen levels are optimal, cellular self-healing and rejuvenation can be accelerated in a safer, surer way.


The Step Breathing also raises the lung capacity, so that your normal breathing range will be steadily increased. The ability of the lungs to uptake oxygen is increased, resulting in increased removal of the cells waste gasses. In this way the whole respiratory system, plus the other thirteen body systems can also be enhanced, by working at cellular level.


The obvious results of a balanced Step Breathing session can be felt for many hours after doing this total approach, which restores the body’s life force. The extention of the sniff-puff breath ratio will increase lung capacity and allow your breathing rate to be slowed, for improved oxygen uptake to the blood – Our Life Force.


While Step Breathing, the pulsing action will help to clear sinuses, ear, nose and throat passageways, resulting in easier breathing and a clearer head: especially with persons who have a history of breathing ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysemas etc.


The overall goal is to restore the full range of the diaphragm, which is our body’s most important muscle. This will result in the full expansion and contraction of the upper, middle and lower lungs within the rib cage.


This basic key will release and activate the spine’s relative vertebrae, which in turn activates the Cerebral Spinal Fluid utilized by the Sacral-Cranial pump. The Sacrum is one of the body’s most important bones, as it’s purpose is to bring nutrients to the whole skeletal structure, especially the cranium plates, and to remove toxins and cellular wastes from the Central Nervous System.


Learning, applying and then experiencing this knowledge from your own volition, allows you to get the maximum benefits from your lymphacising sessions. It costs you absolutely nothing to do, but over time will save you thousands of dollars on costly, recurring body maintanence therapy, like massage, chiropractic, osteopathic or accupuncture treatments etc.

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This following material is the copywrite of Ian Pettitt and Xenergies International and is used by Healthier Life with permission from both sources.

Download Wall Chart Here

The 9 Steps Chart

Download the Energising While Lymphacising Chart here for printing in A3 size. Put it on the wall near your XenPod and you will have a quick reminder of all the basic 9 Steps while doing your Health-Bounce lymphacising.


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